The Reviewers

We are 3 boys from Oklahoma who have an opinion about everything and like to test stuff out. Our mom will be helping us to post our opinions and take pictures. She is a blogger at Working Momma 247 and she thought it would be a fun idea for us to do the reviews of things we like such as restaurants and new fun stuff.

Hi I'm Gameboy. I'm 12 years old and I love to play video games and play football. I love all kinds of food and am willing to try just about anything. I love calamari and have tried fried alligator. I'm looking forward to testing things out and letting the world know what I think about it.

I'm Wonder Boy and I'm 11. My mom calls me Wonder Boy because she says Im kind of special, I just say I'm me. I love Michael Jackson, movies, music, dancing and enteraining people.
Im Bossy Boy. I'm 6. I like beating my brothers at video games and riding my bike. I love almost anything with cheese. I really love candy too.

We grade our reviews just like school but we wont give an F because we don't think any thing is a failure. Our best grade is an A and our lower grade is C. We will try to be fair and honest.